Real Time Dynamic Marketing

Teaching Small & Medium Size Businesses (SMBs) "How to Fish" with

Small & medium size businesses have been virtually left out of the online and mobile marketing revolution.  Everyone who has tried to seize this huge market has failed. 

The reason is simple:  the tools offered to these time-starved SMBs are just too complicated and too time-consuming for them to use.  Vendors have over-promised and woefully under-delivered.  As a result, the churn has been almost 100%.  The dissatisfaction with the marketing tools available overwhelming. is changing that with simple-to-use, easy-to-implement, quick-to-update mobile marketing tools that even the most time-starved mom-and-pop can utilize to differentiate his business from its competitors. 

Using ClikitySplit, SMBs build their “dynamic billboards” in 20-25 minutes and then, uniquely, change that content in just 3-4 minutes thereafter, enticing customers to check back often for the latest “Hot Deals” and “Coupons”. 

But ClikitySplit goes a lot further.  It teaches SMBs how to build and change their content in one 30-minute webinar and how to effectively and affordably market their business offline in another 20-minute webinar.  Talk about a breath of fresh air…

Huge Hurdles for SMBs

Last October Street Fight held a debate entitled The Marketing of SMB Marketing Solutions.  That article stated that “…our own research has shown, SMBs regularly say they lack the time and resources they need to do marketing right…”

The article cites the biggest challenges SMBs face: 


The article concludes with this bit of soothsaying:  “…Technology is part of the current problem, but it’s undoubtedly part of the solution as well. Raising the level of technology will…“remove at least some of the complexity and fragmentation from the market.

Another part of the solution — one that we heard throughout the Street Fight Summit — involves raising SMBs’ level of marketing knowledge and technology education. That’s a must for any solution, DIY, DIFM…or otherwise, to work at scale. In turn, greater comfort with marketing technology may ease perceptions that marketing itself is too time-consuming.”

ClikitySplit has removed all the complexity and made mobile marketing simple.  And its “$1.00 for 40 Days!’ incentive discussed below has opened the door for SMBs to try before they buy.  In two seminars totaling 50 minutes SMBs can truly learn how to out-market their competitors with ClikitySplit and begin doing it immediately.

ClikitySplit’s Unique Real Time Dynamic Marketing Tools

ClikitySplit empowers SMBs with rich-multimedia features (video, audio, slideshow, etc.)  plus up to 10,000 characters of text.  With ClikitySplit, the marketer is limited only by his imagination and creativity.  ClikitySplit’s tools are DIY (do-it-yourself), DIFM (do-it-for-me), or DIWM (do-it-with-me). 

Four attractive “marketing panes” are available with ClikitySplit: