Real Time Dynamic Marketing

A Better Mousetrap? You Better Believe It!!!

"Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door."


It is time to put on your boots.  We are going down a road never travelled before. 

One where you will never see an advertisement pushed onto your smartphone, one where the end user is in total control of what displays on his screen and how long it is displayed, one that is so blazingly fast you will never again be frustrated by the search engines, one where all spam is eliminated, and one where the playing field is level for all marketers.  Do I hear a hallelujah!


The Sad State of Today’s Search & Digital Advertising

Today’s keyword search routines and digital advertising models have worn out their welcome.  It is time these antiquated technologies were put out to pasture.  And that is precisely the mission of ClikitySplit

Keyword Search—Antiquated, Frustrating, Slooowwww…

Think about it, just how silly is keyword search?  Why type in keywords to get search results when most of your searches are within the same categories (e.g. restaurants, retail, hotels, entertainment, real estate, etc.)?  Why type at all?  Tapping is a much faster and better alternative.

Keyword search has been around since 1994—27 years!  And with the exception of Google ranking pages based on links and relevance, there has been absolutely no improvement in the search process. 

And spam…  Ugh!

Pay Per Click Advertising

PPC advertising is the business model that has made Google and Facebook rich.  And every end user furious!

PPC advertising is skewed toward businesses with deep pockets.  If you are a time-starved small business on a limited budget you are SOL!  Sadly, the playing field could not be more uneven.

Broadcast Analytics

Radio, TV, and PPC advertising can only deliver broadcast analytics, not specific drill-down analytics that enable savvy marketers to make intelligent business decisions.  As a result, broadcast analytics are of limited value, if any value at all. 

There has to be a better way.   And there is!

Hold On, Help Is On The Way!

“Say you want a revolution, weellll, we are going to change the world...”  

The World’s First & Only Real Time Marketing Engine & Fastest Vertical Search Engine

ClikitySplit is the world’s first & only real time dynamic marketing engine as well as the world’s fastest vertical search engine---1,000 times faster than Google!

99.9% Tapping

ClikitySplit is 99.9% tapping, not typing. Typing is only required to change the default hyperlocal map that displays at login based on the end user’s current GPS coordinates.

Searches are initiated by tapping a category and then a subcategory. Immediately, search results are shown visually on a hyperlocal map via green and red dots.

Red dots signify points of interest that use ClikitySplit’s revolutionary “real time dynamic marketing billboards”Green dots are generic (name, address, phone number). Boring!