Real Time Dynamic Marketing

Differentiation—The Key to Business Success—But How Do You Accomplish it?


To win an end user’s patronage, you must earn it.  To earn it, you must separate your business from your competitor’s.  You must differentiate!

Sounds easy doesn’t it?  It isn’t!

Content will always be King.  The ability to change that content dynamically in real time is differentiating.  Only ClikitySplit offers that differentiating power! approaches the problem in a totally different way than the search engines.  And provides a unique solution for both end users and businesses.  Today I will discuss ClikitySplit’s innovative solution for the end user.  Next week I will demonstrate our revolutionary solution for the business owner.  It is indeed truly revolutionary!

Unique Search Solution—No Keyword Search!

For the end user it all starts with the search process.  ClikitySplit utilizes tapping, not typing keywords into a search engine.  Typing is only required to change the default hyperlocal map.  As a result, ClikitySplit is 100 times faster and a million times less frustrating than search engines.  Spamming ClikitySplit’s search results is impossible. 

ClikitySplit is very visual and accordingly, has a unique graphical interface.


The end user begins by tapping a category (e.g. Restaurants) and then taps a subcategory (e.g. Steak).  Immediately, only businesses that meet that narrow criteria are displayed on the local ClikitySplit map. 

Changing subcategories (choosing a different type of cuisine) requires only tapping a new subcategory (e.g. Seafood) with the new search results displayed on the same map where Steak restaurants were previously displayed.  You do not start a brand new search as required by the search engines, saving a significant amount of time.

Red dots signify businesses that use ClikitySplit’s unique-to-them rich multimedia “dynamic billboards”.  Green dots are generic listings (name & address).